A Touch of Nature Home Design: Artificial Grass

Make your home a perfect a place to live and enjoy with artificial or synthetic grass. A touch of nature made of synthetic fibers, no trimming, no watering hassle free greenery view at your favorite spot! Choosing the right product or the right manufacturer really will save you a lot from worries about environmental and safety issues. Artificial grass cost ranges from $5 to $20 per square foot and you can have it free for the next fifteen to twenty-five years! Artificial turf is made of sand and granules of recycled rubber. To protect from the sun, most manufacturers have built it ultraviolet inhibitors that are mixed with fiber or yarn resin. When planning to install one in your home, you have to be aware that synthetic grass is warmer than natural lawn and it doesn't have the same cooling capacity but the best part of is no chemical involved, easier pet clean up, no mud and no watering! However, with the advent of technology, many companies are now extensively innovating in order to incorporate a cooling effect with a reasonable cost.

Synthetic turfs have drainage holes to allow water to drain mostly in blended rock base beneath it and thus resembles the same drainage system with that of natural grass. When installing an artificial grass, any existing sod must be removed first and then a base is made using a special blend of crushed rock which is about two to four inches deep which is afterwards smoothed and compacted. An infill material is carefully spread on the top of the grass with the use of fertilizer spreader which is brushed on the bottom of the synthetic grass. The thickness or density of the grass is determined by your needs considering the usage or activities and average number of people and the frequency the area will be exposed to.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning ahead of time while the weather is good and choose the perfect timing for installation. It is always smart to invest on a long-term and safe artificial grass from a reputable and respected company, because a lot of these are on the market right now which are of very poor quality and thus just ending your money wasted! Choose your best artificial turf supplier and find the best installer. Just imagine the calming effect this artificial turf brings to you and to your loved ones. Of course not to mention the decorative aspect making your home a nice and safe place to live in! Kindly visit this website  http://www.mahalo.com/grass for more useful reference.